Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Inland Valley Teens
By Michael Rivas

It is really encouraging to see the older teens and young adults get along with the younger teens. I’ve seen other youth groups who did not want to include the young ones because they are not in high school yet or for some other reason. Our teens have developed an accepting attitude with each other, and that shows the love of God working in our teens.

In the past few months we have “walked” through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.
We did a general familiarization of all the books. We also looked at issues our teens face every day; issues like temptation, lies, fighting, drugs, materialism, and other things our teens are fed in today’s society.

Some activities our teens have participated in are nights out at Boomers during Christian night; a trip to Magic Mountain, and of course a “lock in” at the building. At these events our teens are encouraged to bring their friends and show them that Christians do have fun.

For the rest of the summer, we are planning a few more activities, such as a pool party, car wash fundraiser, and camping. We are also getting together during the week to hang out and have ice cream. The teens take an active role in planning these activities as well as what we are studying. I think it is inspiring to see their interest and participation in something that will benefit their lives eternally.


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